Welcome to the probably most important and most beautiful Website in the Internet!

What's the sense of this website?
A psychologist maybe construed things I never heard about. Curious people will ask themselve, why there's a cheese on this site. My english teachers will be dismayed about the english grammar. People who are knowing me might say: "well, he is like that."
But this site is only a hobby, my playground. Just for fun.
Nevertheless, if you like this site - great. In this case don't be afraid to commend me or to send me cash and/or expensive gifts!

By the way - this site does not support outdated browsers. If things should float here straight through the area or something does not function - you have to cross the Rubicon - and get a new browser. Safari should be perfect. Please consider - no matter if I neither solve the world formula, I am unfortunately do not safe the world peace and I do not stand in close contact with the 'Borg' - there is no time to support antiqued browsers.
But now take a seat, your knees will thank you.
Spoiler alert!
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If you have searched your Chakra - congratulations - you found mine! I insure you that this web page was built according to rules of the Feng Shui. The only thing to do is to align your monitor to directions with balanced Yin/Yang portions. This will dissolve blockades and the life energy come into a harmonious river. Maybe.